Changelog of the project Maheswaran!
The tech behind my sites
3 minute read Published on Tuesday, Feb 26, 2019

Blogs have been an amazing source of learning for me in the past few years. And I have been having this keen interest in starting one and maintaining it myself.

I now have created three different pages I plan to maintain with as many posts as possible. Here is what is behind each of those.

My Website

I remember buying the domain some time in 2009 back when I was in college. But then left it unused for quite a while. I setup a blog after a while. But then moved to using a landing page that I have right now. This was setup some time in early 2018.

This is a simple static landing page which is mostly taken as is from HTML5Up’s Aerial template.

The site is built as a hugo static site. Using this port of the template. I added my own slight variations on the site and this is available on my github.

I got rid of most of the stylings there. I loved the background color they used and decided to keep that as the base color for all my sites.

My Blog

This is what I consider will be a changelog of everything that happens in my life. This blog is also a static site. Built using Hugo - the amazing static site generator.

The layout is my own. Inspired by most of the blogs I read. May not be the best on all devices, but works. Hugo’s templating system makes it easy to play with the different things and create all the pages that I need.

The source code is available on github if you want to go through how I created it.

My Projects home

Call this a portfolio if you must. But I consider this a placeholder for all the amazing open-source projects I have created and plan to create in future. 😄

This is also a static site built on Hugo. Layout is slightly different to show more details as compared to the blog. Still something I have created on my own in the quest to becoming CSS and design master.


All these websites are hosted on AWS as of this post.

The websites are hosted as a static site on S3, with a route 53 domain configuration pointing to a Cloudfront distribution.

Most of the things I setup follow the AWS tutorial to setup a static site. The setup is not free, but the cost is very very less. Right now, I spend just half a dollar to maintain all these sites.

Looks like this is my fourth hosting solution as per Complete DNS History

I had setup automated deployment on Travis for a while. But went back on that after moving to AWS. Have to setup that again, but that is for another post. 😄