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Hello World! (Again)
2 minute read Published on Tuesday, Jan 1, 2019

Hello World !

Again. I look back at every time I wanted to jot down my thoughts and started. Every time saying to myself “This is the one that becomes world-famous.”

Then, I freeze up. The fear that I might become the next Dork,1 for Sidin to write about, grips me.

But then, I have so many papers with my thoughts written down. Not everything is public or will be.

This blog that you are reading now is the next trial in that long line. This is written in Hugo. And deployed on AWS as a static website.

Here are some of my old trials that are still on the interwebs.

Check them out if you want to get a peek into how my thought processes were back then.

I pen down my thoughts on Twitter often. Though that is pretty inconsistent.

Or check the list of social networks that I am in.

Hang around, you might get to know more of me.

  1. In case you have not read it, Dork is a series of books where the story is written as the author chancing upon the diary of the Dork in some fashion. ↩︎